Sunday, January 5, 2014


The feast of Epiphany is the oldest liturgical celebration after Easter and Pentecost.

Though Matthew does not give us the number of the vistors who paid homage to baby Jesus, yet tradition holds them to be three presumably from the three gifts they offered him. The first gift was gold symbolizing homage paid to the Child’s royal line, the second gift was incense simbolising his divinity and the last gift was myrrh which was a forewarning of his passion. 

They may be kings; we are given no names, but what matters is that they follow the star that leads them to the Saviour of the world. Epiphany is not about the Magi but about Jesus.

Jesus Christ was displayed before the world at His birth, during His baptism and through His public life, beginning with the wedding feast of Cana.

Christ is coming right from the start to meet all mankind, be they Jews or Gentiles. The rejection of Christ by Israel becomes the opportunity for Christ to be revealed to all the nations and so ultimately to us today.

 Thus, we need to show Christ's Presence to others in the very way we live our live. 

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