Friday, July 11, 2014


"One day as the saint was going along the banks of the river Po, he met a young man, Anthony Mary courteously saluting him, stopped, and fixing his eyes on him with a countenance grave but full of sweetness said: "I wish, my son, you would think well over the affairs of your salvation and arrange them while there is yet time, for my heart tells me you will be called from this world much sooner than you think." At this time the youth was in perfect health moreover strong and robust, nevertheless, struck by this unexpected advice, he, there and then, made his confession to the saint with sincere repentance for his faults. Well it was for him that he did so, for the next day he was called to appear before the judgment seat of God, having met his death by a terrible accident." - Illustrated Life of St. Antonio M. Zaccaria; Founder of the Barnabites and of the Angeliche, Apostle of the Quarant’Ore

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