Friday, November 7, 2014


No century in history spoke more about the dignity of man than the twentieth. Yet no century in history threatened the dignity of man more, both in theory and in practice.
Threatened it in theory because the three thinkers who had the most influence on the twentieth century – Darwin, Marx, and Freud – all reduced man to something soulless: 

either an accidentally-evolved clever ape, 
or a cog in the economic State machine, 
or a suppressed sex maniac.

Threatened it in practice because of the twentieth century’s most dramatic invention, genocide: the deliberate murder of over 100 million innocent people, more than the entire population of the world for most of man’s history. And not just by Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. In “free” America, more than one and a half million human beings a year continue to be slaughtered in the womb.
The cause of this human carnage should be obvious to any Christian or Jew or Muslim. Once “God is dead” to any society or ideology, so is his image in man… For God is the source of all life, and when any culture says No to God, it says No to life and becomes what Pope John Paul II has dared to call a “culture of death.”
The defense of man is thus bound up with the defense of God. They are inseparable. 
- Peter Kreeft

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