Tuesday, December 30, 2014


In Christ alone, my hope is found.
In Mary, His mother, my requests land on fertile ground.

With her love, for all her Son’s people
She brings to Him, the pleas of all the feeble.

She brings to Him our requests that find favor
And asks that He grant them for all who labor

Here on earth seeking heaven’s gates
Guarded by Peter, founder of the Church, Earth seems to hate.

In MARY alone I find Jesus Christ, incarnate.
In MARY’S womb alone I find God made flesh.
In MARY’S heart alone I find the sword of Simeon’s prophecy.
In MARY’S soul alone, I find the Mother and Nurturer and Bearer and Lover of Jesus Christ, who is GOD.
I’d say there is much hope to be found in Mary, because God willed Himself to be found in Her from all eternity, and She said yes.

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