Monday, June 1, 2015


Teach them. Teach them many things, but especially something like this: you are loved. You matter (pointing to the crucifix). That’s how much you matter. Teach them that there is forgiveness available, no matter how bad our moral failures may be. Teach them they do not have to hide them, they just have to come to Him with them and He’ll wash them away, because God is rich in mercy and He loves to forgive.
But teach them also that life is hard. This is no dream that we live. We don’t preach illusions, we preach Christ crucified and we are called to share in His cross. But, though life is hard, and though the Cross comes to each of us, there is Grace. For every moment, no matter what happens. Not Grace for tomorrow, just Grace for today. So we need not fear. Teach them that death has been destroyed. It’s been changed into a doorway, and we don’t have to be terrified by it anymore.“

Fr. John Riccardo

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