Sunday, June 28, 2015


Want to turn the secular tide? Stop complaining. Be a saint.

“Want to turn the secular tide? Stop complaining on Facebook. Be a saint. 

Want to change the marriage culture? Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than teachers. Bear witness in your own marriage.

Holy marriages fuel a strong marriage culture. Commit right now to your spouse and to your kids that their vision of marriage will be shaped not by legislators, teachers, or activists but by YOUR marriage–by your heroic devotion, one-flesh union, and fidelity to that truth imprinted on your bodies and affirmed by God. When asked the most pivotal question in this debate–what is marriage?–their answer should be clear: my mom and dad.

The Supreme Court may sway the marriage culture with the swipe of a pen. But saintly spouses can move mountains. The tide will surge the other way only when we stop complaining about the state of marriage and instead live a better alternative.”

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