Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The flame of the love of God so burnt in St Paul’s breast, that the garment which was nearest to his heart often seemed to be scorched if by fire and two of his ribs seemed to protrude. He could not restrain his tears, particularly when saying Mass and he was seen to experience frequent ecstasies, during which there was a remarkable elevation of his body and his face shone with light from heaven. Some times when he was preaching, a heavenly voice was heard prompting him; and at other times his words could be heard at the distance of several miles. He was distinguished for gifts of prophecy, languages, reading the heart, power over evil spirits, diseases and the elements. Though even the Supreme Pontiffs regarded him with affection and veneration, he looked upon himself as an unprofitable servant and a worthless sinner. Having persisted in his most austere mode of life until extreme old age, in 1775 he passed to heaven on the very day he had predicted, after he had addressed to his followers some most beautiful exhortations, as it were bequeathing them the heritage of his spirit

St. Paul taught that in the Cross of Jesus we find real wisdom.
When we find ourselves in difficulty or suffering, let us turn to the Cross and pray for this wisdom

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