Monday, February 1, 2016


St Brigid was very pretty. Her father thought that it was time for her to marry. However, she had decided in her heart to give herself entirely to God. She did not want to marry anyone. When she learned that her beauty was the reason young men were attracted to her, she made an unusual request to God. She asked that her beauty be taken from her. God granted her request. Seeing that his daughter was no longer pretty, Brigid’s father gladly agreed when Brigid asked to become a nun.
The girl did follow her call to religious life. She even started a convent so that other young women could become nuns, too. It seems that after she consecrated her life to God in the convent, a miracle happened. Brigid became beautiful again! She reminded people of the Blessed Mother because she was so lovely and gentle. Some called her the “Mary of the Irish.” St. Brigid died in 525.

This saint wanted to give herself entirely to God. and to achieve that was prepared to give up what the world perceived as beautiful. Is there an area in your life that you are keeping from God? What would it be like if you gave it to Him?

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