Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Jesus foretold that those who are truly His representatives would suffer the same persecution as He did. Besides 15 attempts on his life, St Anthony Mary Claret had to undergo such a barrage of the ugliest slander that the very name “Claret” became a byword for humiliation and misfortune. 

The powers of evil do not easily give up their prey. No one needs to go looking for persecution. All we need to do is be sure we suffer because of our genuine faith in Christ, not for some whim or our own imprudence. But if you truly LOVE HIM, then be prepared, you have been warned by God Himself!

On a lighter note, Queen Isabella once told her Confessor St Anthony, “No one tells me things as clearly and frankly as you do…….and “everybody is always asking me for favours but you never do. Isn’t there something you would like for yourself?” He replied, “That you let me resign.” The Queen made no more offers!

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