Tuesday, November 8, 2016


You cannot go a step unless he gives you power to move. You cannot so much as open or shut your eyes without his will and assistance. For, if you do not believe it is he who moves every joint and member of your body, you are no Christian; but if you believe it is from him you receive this favor, and yet, after all, are so impudent as to offend him, I cannot tell what name to give you. If a man were standing on the top of a high tower with a small cord in his hand, and another man hanging at the end of it, do you think that he who should be so near falling down headlong, would dare to give abusive language to the person that held the cord ? Imagine yourself to be in such a condition. You depend on the will of God as it were on a thread; so that, should he forsake you but for one moment, you would be instantly reduced to your first nothing. With what insolence, then, can you dare provoke so dreadful a Majesty, who is so merciful as to support you, even when you sin against him ? 

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