Tuesday, November 1, 2016


In our world where obedience is regarded as weakness and a lack of self-assertiveness, the example of Our Blessed Lady provides a necessary corrective. She is the beautiful model of obedience. She gladly exalted God’s Will in Her life. We can even say that His Will became Her Will, so much did she yield to it.
In her own stirring example, Mary reminds us that obedience to God is where our treasure and unending happiness lie. By clinging to His Will instead of our own, we grow in Sanctifying Grace, which is the very life of God.
Our Blessed Mother never tired of obeying her Divine Son. She did everything she was asked by God. And all that she did was carried out with intense love for and gratitude to Her benevolent Creator.
The virtue of obedience is within our grasp. We turn to Our Blessed Lady and seek her intercession so that we may behave as she did. Our reward will be like hers: Everlasting Life with the Most Blessed Trinity forever! 
Monsignor Charles M. Mangan

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